About the game

Have you ever played detective and hidden object games?
Now we put you live in the role of an investigator!
Locked in a room for 60 minutes, you must find clues
and solve logical riddles in order to find the exit!

Team building

Teamwork in this activity is suitable for bonding between colleagues and developing of communication and collaboration skills. We also make portable escape games in your company.

Birthdays to remember

Surprise your friend with an extraordinary birthday gift at your location! While you are solving the riddles together, your friend will find a surprise you prepared for them. Contact us for an arrangement.

Office Mystery (Team Building)

New - team building like you've never experienced before! Refresh the spirit of the colleagues in your company by having fun in your company's office! We come to you and assemble our game "Office Mystery" according to the structure of your space, existing furniture and items. Per your wish we also create special riddles based on your brand and business field. Contact us for more information.
Note: this room is not available to play in our premises.

It's Monday. Everyone in the company begin their day regularly, drinking coffee, having breakfast. Meanwhile, one of your colleagues didn't show up today at work. You decide to call him on his cell phone and suddenly you hear ringing coming from his office. You open the door and notice that the computer stayed on, and that there are some strange items around his desk... Will you manage to find all the clues and find out what happened to the missing colleague?

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